Case study

Nivoda x Flawless Fine Jewellery


How Nivoda Helps Flawless Fine Jewellery Save £100,000/Year

Learn how Flawless Fine Jewellery, a beloved brick-and-mortar jeweler in London, uses Nivoda to source from global suppliers effortlessly and boost in-store traffic and sales.

  • 1,400+ purchases using Nivoda
  • 1,200+ hours saved per year
  • £100,000+ saved per year
“We are enjoying Nivoda and can’t recommend it enough. It’s an extremely beneficial and essential part of our business. We love it.”

Rupa Liechti | Director, Flawless Fine Jewellery


Based in the heart of Hatton Garden in London, Flawless Fine Jewellery has provided customers with bespoke rings since 2011. The team at Flawless recently doubled down on a three-step sales model: Drive traffic to their online site, convert site traffic into IRL shoppers, and provide an excellent live customer experience. Their partner of choice to make it happen? Nivoda.

The Challenge

Manually sourcing from hundreds of global suppliers

Before Nivoda, Flawless operated as a brick-and-mortar retailer and was looking to dive deeper into online sales to expand their product offerings. Unfortunately, the overhead on managing hundreds — if not thousands — of unique suppliers around the globe at once was untenable.

According to Rupa Liechti, Director of Flawless, if they hadn’t discovered Nivoda, they would have had to set up an entirely new department (a drain on time, money, and team labor) to focus on supplier logistics: from international payments to quality checks to tracking deliveries.

“For brick-and-mortar retailers, you’re working with a whole array of suppliers — hundreds, if not thousands. You have to deal with communication barriers, time zone barriers, all sorts of things.”

The Solution

Source and sell products using a centralized platform

Since discovering and joining Nivoda, the team at Flawless has found their ideal solution for both streamlining diamond procurement and driving in-store sales success.

1. Access the best-priced stones worldwide

It’s easy to navigate the Nivoda marketplace, says Rupa, and Flawless can always find what they need from our “amazing” selection of lab-grown diamonds. The 1.6+ million stones listed on Nivoda are both higher-quality and cheaper-priced due to our long-standing relationships with international suppliers — something independent retailers usually struggle with.

2. Nivoda handles the end-to-end logistics for you

The Flawless Team simply purchases as many stones as they need from however many suppliers. “Just press one button, and it gets fulfilled,” Rupa explains. Nivoda executes the rest. That includes QC, consolidating your invoices and payments (no currency exchange required), real-time updates on delivery of your stock, and even taking care of returns.

3. Use Nivoda to supercharge your in-person sales

Every sales associate at Flawless is trained to use Nivoda’s Customer Facing Mode (CFM). Whether the customer has questions about specific prices or the difference between lab-grown and earth-mined, the Flawless team can pull up that info with CFM and assist them immediately.

In addition, the seller and the customer can browse Nivoda’s global inventory and filter to find the perfect stone. Maximizing their offerings in turn maximizes the likelihood of conversion on every Flawless shopper.

“Nivoda has created a platform that just makes everything that much easier. They’re like our partners focused on procuring diamonds as smoothly as possible."

The Results

At a glance, Flawless Fine Jewellery has leveraged Nivoda to drive three distinct outcomes:

  • 1,400+ purchases using Nivoda
  • 1,200+ hours saved per year
  • £100,000+ saved per year


“I can’t stress how relieved we are,” Rupa tells us of Nivoda’s impact. Nivoda has ultimately turned Flawless into a more competitive jeweler (both online and in-person) and enabled them to focus on what they truly care about: growing their business and servicing their customers.

The Future

Scale seamlessly with Nivoda’s turnkey solution

Looking forward, Rupa predicts scaling Flawless will be far easier with Nivoda’s support. Our platform has freed up critical time and money that would’ve been wasted on chasing down suppliers — and can now go toward closing sales and driving revenue.

“We grow hand in hand with Nivoda. They’re no doubt a crucial part of our business."