Real Talk with Nivoda

1. Queensmith - Elevating Product and Customer Experience

In this first episode of the Real Talk podcast, guest Brett Afshar of Queensmith dives into the importance of developing a trusting relationship with a customer to deliver long lasting partnerships. He believes the customer is the center of the universe, which makes Nivoda the perfect platform to fulfill his customer’s unique needs. Nivoda’s “live inventory” helps businesses like Brett’s thrive in a fast paced ever-changing market.

2. Harnessing the Power of Customer Feedback

Special Guest James Morgan, Nivoda’s Chief Product Officer, joins Dave in discussing the importance of technology in the diamond marketplace, and how using a zero inventory model can actually expand your business. After learning that a shocking 58% of customers are willing to buy their diamonds online, James knew that the market was ready for Nivoda’s challenging strategy to change the industry. And with Nivoda growing more than double each year, it’s no surprise how success is as simple as listening to the customer.