Case study

Nivoda x Sarah Lee Jewelry


How Nivoda Helps Sarah Lee Jewelry Save 4,000+ Hours Per Year

Learn how Sarah Lee Jewelry, a small brand based in the heart of Las Vegas, Nevada, uses Nivoda to fulfill their mission of providing fair prices to their customers – while outcompeting other sellers.

  • 700+ purchases using Nivoda
  • 4,400+ hours saved per year
  • $50,000+ saved per year
“Nivoda allows me to compete against online companies, and even outcompete them. As a one-man operation, I don’t have huge overhead, so I can undercut them on prices and make enough money to thrive and grow.”

Nathan Burgess | Founder, Sarah Lee Jewelry


Nathan Burgess opened his concierge-style jewelry store in 2021 and named it Sarah Lee Jewelry after his fiancée. He emphasizes selling to shoppers with respect and honesty, and does not believe in the exorbitant price markups that have become synonymous with the jewelry industry. Nivoda has enabled him to operate his small business with fair prices by saving him time and money on back-end tasks.

The Challenge

Independently managing suppliers leads to excessive busywork

Nathan has used popular diamond marketplaces like RapNet and IDEX, which required him to send references for every single diamond purchase he made. As a small business, he didn’t have the time or manpower to do this, and was frustrated by the lag during each purchase while the seller debated his references.

Beyond feeling that his time was being wasted, Nathan felt that other marketplaces weren’t user-friendly, especially when it came to search functions. This made it challenging and time-consuming to navigate the marketplace – on top of the time spent on sending references.

“The thing I particularly love about Nivoda is that I don’t have to send references back and forth every single time, which is just something I frankly hate doing.”

The Solution

The ideal platform and partner for jewelers of any size

After a wholesaler in India recommended Nivoda to Nathan, he fell in love with our offerings as both an easy-to-use online platform and a growth partner. Nathan emphasizes how a human — not an automated machine — on the Nivoda team is always ready to help.

For example, a Nivoda engineer took the time to investigate the technical challenge and guide Nathan’s web developer when they added Nivoda’s diamond feed to the Sarah Lee website. On a separate occasion, Nathan needed expedited shipping to get his hands on a stone ASAP, so he easily contacted client support and made that happen.

“I’ve recommended Nivoda to several people that I deal with in the industry here. At least two or three of them have opened up accounts. You know a system is great when you’re naturally spreading the word about it.”

The Results

Since signing up for Nivoda, Sarah Lee Jewelry has:

  • Sourced stones at 1–2 points cheaper than RapNet
  • Saved tens of thousands of dollars per year on diamond sourcing
  • Saved an average of 3 hours per day


Nivoda saves Nathan hours of time every day, and that has made all the difference to his business. Instead of picking up the phone or submitting references, he can focus on servicing his customers and growing his brand.

Ultimately, Nivoda helps the Sarah Lee team compete against large online sellers with better prices and less overheads. Using Nivoda, Nathan is finally able to fully honor his company’s mission: fair and honest prices for his customers.

The Future

Drive long-term savings with the help of Nivoda’s white-glove service

Looking forward, Nathan is excited to continue working with Nivoda to meet his customers needs. Nivoda doesn’t just help him compete in the diamond industry, but has become a true partner to Sarah Lee’s business. In Nathan’s experience, large companies are usually unwilling to put extra resources into customer success – but someone at Nivoda will always personally pick up the phone to make sure his issues are resolved.

“There are not a lot of bigger companies out here that are willing to take the time to deliver white-glove service. I genuinely appreciate the effort. It positively impacts my entire business.”